January 16, 2012

Betsy Explains it All...Golden Globes edition

Borrowing the title from one of my fav oldies on Nick, starring Melissa Joan Hart, today we bring you a new series in which Betsy, not Clarissa explains it all. Today its all about Golden Globe dresses, the good, the bad and the just plain ug-lay. All in all the dresses were good, it seems peeps (or rather their stylists) took less of a fashion risk than years past. There were lots of blush tones and blacks with some blues, reds and pinks thrown in for good measure. There was very little in the way of yellow, which can sometimes be the color of choice for blondie actresses, like Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Williams. A bunch of gals played it safe in traditional princess ball-gowns and hey sometimes it better to be safe than sorry. So without further ado, lets break it down.

Blush tones: A nice change to see so many different looks in a variety of ethereal hues. Staring with Heidi Klum, who rocked a turquoise necklace in an effort to keep her from looking washed out. Kate Beckinsale is a Rachel Zoe client so the chances of her looking good were high but her oversized Lorainne Schwartz earrings were a nice touch. Charlize Theron, oh Charlize, always a fashion risk taker. She has a longstanding beauty contract with Dior, so she is always able to pick from the tippy top of the fashion pyramid. I liked this dress although in pictures it was hard to get a good angle but early predictions put her as best dressed. Jess Biel, newly engaged!? to Mr. Sexy back? and then wearing this dress? It's niiiiice and the use of lace is pretty BUT give the girl a little sparkle and show a little skin, not the best choice for you Jess. Moving along to "the girl from Modern Family" who looks just cuuu-te in vintage Dolce & Gabanna. Nicole Richie brought the glam factor in a metallic open back number. She looks so stylish, especially for someone who was neither nominated nor presenting, so way to go Nicole for still capturing everyone's attention. Funny gal Amy Poehler worked it in a dress that has some sort of sleeve and her hair looks nice too. Angelina, oh Angelina, how I do not like this look. Its not the dress that is the problem but rather your ice queen, red lips look that is not doing you any favors. But congrats! You will probably win skinniest arms of the night! And last but not least in the blush tones category is Jessica Chastain who looked lovely in a white high neck pearly number that I quite liked. 

 And now onto the black and white dresses. Way to go everyone for showing black does not have to be boring and safe! Lots of unexpected details. Claire Danes and Rooney Mara rocked sophisticated open back looks. Nicole Kidman looked a little less frigid, probs thanks to laying off the botox and choosing a body hugging Versace gown. Kate Winslet's, look fell somewhere in the middle for me and was just okay, but congrats on winning last night! Debra Messing (another RZ girl) looked quite nice in basic black and Zooey 'just oh so quirky and individual' Deschanel, looked like her quirky self in custom Prada. What is off about Zooey's look is her awkward haircut, which looks nice from far away until you see she is rocking sorta a bob/sideburns near her ears...so quirky! Salma Hayek was all va-va-voom in Gucci and considering she is married to the man who owns Gucci, she better be looking sharp. Mila Kunis worked it her Dior, but we can't help but wonder if that one strap was necessary and might have looked better strapless with a little more bling to round it out.

Blue being one of my favorite colors, makes me slightly biased towards this group of well dressed ladies.  But all in all job well done! A variety of shades and textures and you all look great. The only look I am on the fence about is Sarah Michelle Geller in her tie-dye Monique Lhuillier, I really want to like it, as I am tie-dye obsessed, but its a little too much dress, especially around the middle and its frankly the same blue as the splotches one finds in a laundry detergent ad. 

 The red, pink, purple and a little in between ladies. The red gowns were spot on and Viola Davis and Emma Stone look great in their vino colored dresses. I love Natalie Portman's pinky stunner and Jessia Alba picked an unexpected mauve hued Gucci (props to stylist Brad Goreski). Julianna Margulies looks sexy and simple in a sparkly column number and one of last night's winners, Octavia Spencer, looks lovely in lilac.

 And this next category I like to call safe stunners. All these ladies stuck to classic designs and crowd pleasing hues. I think Paula Patton was the only one of the night in yellow and Tina Fey nailed in a bright berry hue. These looks were about classic elegance, minimal jewelry and the red carpet favorite, the one armed pose. Congrats to all of you for knowing your not making any worst dressed lists!

And now to the bad and the ug-lay. Some of these looks came to close to nailing it. The purple dress on the far left is not actually a bad dress, but the color, UHG, such a Barney and Friends hue, it gives me flashbacks to my 1993 Barney obsession. Another flashback inducing gown belongs to Lea "Ice Castles" Michele, this look is muy feo. The worst part is Lea probably got all excited when her stylist suggest pushing the fashion envelope and she has such an inflated ego, she probably didn't notice till she got home that she picked a dud. "Don't Cry Out Loud" Lea, because no one like you anyways. Another dud, Madonna's pick. What was she thinking? She has a bangin bod and she chose to highlight it only from the waist up. This look had me thinking of Oscar the Grouch. From its metal-ly trashcan hue to the gross green bottom, Madonna can wear anything, so why this? This last look is not ugly but a case of a bad decision. Funny gal Melissa McCarthy breaks the size zero mold, but this dress is doing her no favors. I think maybe its her mullet like hairdo thats the biggest offense. For all these misses, better luck next time. 

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