January 9, 2012

Chic Boutique

My first job back in high school was working for Mish at his eponymous Upper East Side jewelry store one summer. 

I had a great experience and couldn't have asked for a better boss. Not only is Mish a great boss but he is a wildly talented designer who creates sensational, highly coveted pieces. While I am lucky enough to own a few small pieces, if I were to win the lottery I would be sure stock up! Even better news, Mish and his team have moved downtown to Bond St. to a new appointment only space that is the most luxurious jewel box ever. 
The look is a departure from his old shop but still features his signature purple hue and finishes mimicking his use precious metal and candy colored stones. The space was recently written up in Architectural Digest and Veranda, as seen below and was designed by Mish's partner (and also at one time my boss), Joseph Singer along with decorator Ina Lindemann. Way to go Mish and Joseph! Congrats on your chic boutique!

Mish New York
30 Bond Street
New York, New York

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