January 31, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Roses...

Karma's a bitch, which means sometimes it is actually nice to you. Much like your love hate relationship with your "I really just hate her" BFF. So it was just my luck that on the tail end of a mind numbingly bad week (perhaps the second worst ever) something good, like really good happened out of the blue.
It's funny how New York is so big and yet sometimes you run into just the person you were hoping to.

Long story short, thanks to this chance encounter, business is back on track. In the next few weeks the site will be launching and a virtual dressing room will be opened for all to come and see (AND SHOP). Just think of Carrie's closet in the Sex and the City movie, times ten, all online! So thanks to this pity party turning into a pool party (or whatever), I'm back on track and ready to go, with "Everything's Coming up Roses" (from Gypsy) playing in the back of my head ( I mean really, not like I'm a big show tunes fan).

"And nothing's gonna stop us 'til we're through!
Honey, everything's coming up roses and daffodils!
Everything's coming up sunshine and Santa Claus!
Everything's gonna be bright lights and lollipops!
Everything's coming up roses for me and for you!"-Steven Sondheim

Celia Birtwell illustrations, via pinterest

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