January 5, 2012

Gimme Shelter

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I am currently in need of a new pad. After hauling all my stuff of to storage and living in temporary NY digs for over a year, I'm ready to settle down and reunite with all my crap. Instead of being a whiny baby thinking poor me going through yet another winter with only brother Andrew's Barbour coat (not a cute look BTW) because storage was only supposed to be for two months... I thought it would be fun to do a little room tour, like on all the shelter magazines and blogs. 
Prior to living in the city the fam. and I lived in CT, as most people reading this know. First living in Greenwich for a long, long time and then up and moving it to Fairfield for a place a little more "in the country". Since my Mom and I dabbled in interior design and selling vintage furniture even when I was in high school, I was able to have some really cool pieces in my space. Needing a new place to live after so long has me thinking about all things design and decorating and what I would love to do next.

all photos below by moi
This little space was the hallway to my shoebox sized bedroom in Fairfield. I already had the all the furniture and added a faux zebra rug and a vintage Bertoia chair from Ebay.

 The Warhol poster is one of my favorite pieces because it is so bright and colorful. Set against the blue ( a color I don't think I would use again) it really stands out. Coincidentally I was gifted this custom Jonathan Adler pillow for my NY space at the time but the colors worked together so well. The bookcases were original to the space, or at least they weren't new and were not so great for storing books but worked well for all my childhood tchotchkes.

This oversized flower mirror weighs a ton and was originally a display piece from a NY department store back in the 60s. It has a very Mary Quant vibe and I would love to hang it front and center in my living room in my next place. 

Between the hallway and the bedroom was another small room that was technically a closet with no closet rods. I opted to use it as a dressing room and on one side was this vintage mirrored vanity and the other a dresser which was hideous and wicker and from my room circa age three. Having a vanity and not wearing makeup EVER (yes, I do not ever wear makeup unless its really necessary) makes zero sense so I am ready to say syonara. I love the little b/w print which is from Art.com or something and was like $20 without a frame. 

The  X bench is my all time favorite piece as it has that David Hicks vibe. Thanks Clarence House for discontinuing this fabric favorite. The mirrored parsons table was my nightstand in my Greenwich room. I have since ditched the oversized bulletin board in hopes of going with something smaller and NYC apartment friendly.

The above and below shots are of my bedroom. My bed was bought for the larger space below and is the Willa bed from Oly Studios which way back in 2004 was like 1/5 the price and not nearly as popular. This is another thing I probs can't move to NY seeing as even in Fairfield I had pair it down and take the bed posts off. The bedroom was only as wide as this picture with low ceilings and no lighting except these 1960s Murano lamps, but it worked at the time. 

This pic is the older shot of my room which I bought all the furniture for. The bed fits better in the space and the overall feel is WAY more traditional, even the way the bed was made. I do like that it is not as bright blue, which is my preferred look for bedrooms. The look though is a little too static and flat for my taste now. 

Now these are my inspirations for my new space. I still want to see some blue but working in grey and white is much more me. I love, love the Cole & Son blue paisley wallpaper but it might be too busy and would look best lining a wall of bookcases. 
 If I didn't go that route I would think of going more grey and having bookshelves behind the bed. I also bought a giant Moroccan wedding blanket a few years back which is creamy colored wool with tons of metal sequins.
 And on to the bathroom. White subway tile is efficient and frankly the same white tile can be purchased at Home Depot as Waterworks, so it is an easy way to save money for the good stuff.
 I am obsessed with the mirrored antique subway tiles from Ann Saks. I already own the psychedelic Cole & Son wallpaper (thanks Dovecote warehouse sale!) which is a lot less harsh then this pic.

Whatever the look its a New Year and time for a new place. Hope you have enjoyed my virtual tour!

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