January 23, 2012

Soho Wonder

This past Saturday left a gross layer of slushy snow across Manhattan. While every part of wanted to stay in bed and do nothing, instead I donned my bean boots and headed into the greyish ick of a Saturday. Since a certain friend of mind wanted to see the rerelease of Beauty and the Beast I found myself sporting some 3d glasses, humming along to "Be Our Guest" and wishing I was five again. Thankfully after my dalliance with childhood I returned to the present with brunch at Mercer Kitchen and an impromptu trip to C. Wonder on Spring Street.

72 Spring Street @ Crosby
New York, New York

Frankly I was put off by this particular home goods/ clothing emporium not because their offerings weren't cute or right up my style alley, but I was concerned the merchandise screamed cheap and mass produced. Being in the vintage biz I like my things with a little bit of age to them, especially since in many cases older items were better constructed. But, I decided to take a chance, as I am not the kind of person who likes to buy oven mitts second hand. The bright green lacquer doors had me at hello and I was pleasantly surprised. A few laps around the store later, I left the store with a large shopping bag, weighed down with "essentials" I had been neglecting to buy for months.
This embroidered grey leopard pillow rang in at $19 and looks so expensive, I also snagged a pillow embroidered with a bulldog for $11, what a steal!

 2 of these $8 blue ikat mugs are perfect for coffee and will look great with all my blue and white dishes in storage. The mugs also come in red, green and brown and this pattern comes in a variety of pieces.
 These chinoiserie cereal bowls a little too "pretty" for my taste but they were $4 each so oh hey! two were coming home with me!
This ashtray is a near dead-ringer for the oh so pricey Hermes favorite at like 1/100 of the price. $39 later I am quite happy with my find, which also come in a whole menagerie of animal designs. 

And last but not least, the aforementioned oven mitts. $7.99 each and worth every penny.

So long story short, check out C. Wonder. Perfect for college dorm/apartment knickknacks, a present for someone (that only looks expensive) or a little pick me up for your digs. Although they sell clothes and jewelry too, I would suggest just sticking to the home goods. C.Wonder is apparently also at the Westchester Mall for any suburban shoppers out there and online, cwonder.com

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