February 3, 2012

A Case of the Blues

I have long been obsessed with Sofia Coppola's NoLita apartment ever since I saw the picture below in House & Garden. I think it is the blue George Smith sofa that really did it for me. Well the place is now on the market for a cool $2.75 million, looking is always free.

 The blue sofa seems to be a favorite of many, as it has been featured in Louis Vuitton's ad campaign for Sofia's limited edition handbag collaboration with her good friend Marc Jacobs, who is also at the helm of LV.
via Habitually Chic

 As spotted in the listing photos, Sofia owns not one but TWO George Smith stunners that face each other in her window filled living/dining room. It can be said that sofas facing each other is a design no-no because they look to "hotel lobby" design cliche, but in this space it works... really well.

via Corcoran
I was surprised that for two million and change, the living room is on the small side (furniture wise). It only has two sofas and nary a side chair or ottoman to round things out. I guess when you are Sofia Coppola and are busy directing acclaimed movies like The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette and Lost in Translation, your not too focused on your seating arrangement. 

via Corcoran
A shot from across the room shows how open the whole living space is. I'm not a huge fan of open kitchens but I like how this one does not overwhelm the space and sort of blends in on the side. 

via Corcoran
 A shot of the kitchen and the bedroom (never before seen in print, I think) shows the cohesiveness of the space, thanks to a whole lot of white with a few pastel pink & blue accents. Perhaps the space was staged before hoisted on the market because it looks a little empty, but to each its own.

A few months back I made this collage while trying to drum up apartment ideas. It sort of captures SC's decorating sensibility with a little of me thrown in for good measure.
collage by moi

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