February 8, 2012

Fashion Fruit Loop

I came across this cute little pic while pinning my way through Pinterest (why is it so addictive! Why!). I am not the type to post let alone read those "everyone's a winner", "love means eternal happiness" kind of crap but this one kind of stuck. I always think but never say it, but doing my own thing and being different works for me. 

I think a great way to think for yourself is to dress outside the box. One of the people I think does this best, is Miroslava Duma, the 25 year old Russian "it girl" and former editor at Harpers Bazaar Russia. I think what makes her such an it girl is the way she puts her looks together. And she always looks happy when photographed, unlike her raisin faced fashion counterparts.
Sure, having the ability to style her looks with Hermes croc Birkins and the latest from Prada and Chanel certainly helps, but her looks are never head to toe runway looks. You be the judge; would you rather be a fruit loop or a cheerio? I'd chose fruit loop any day.

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