February 21, 2012

Let's Get Organized

Yesterday I found myself at the most amazing of vintage emporiums. What really struck me beyond the vast array of flapper dresses and fringe boots was how organized the space was. Mumbling the word "Alaia" to the salesgirl, I half expected an arched brow and a "really, your asking for a needle in a haystack" kind of response, but instead was led to a corner of neatly hanging stretchy pieces, like only Azzedine can produce. After sifting my way through so many places with cluttered racks, dim lighting and even in the most high end of places many a moth hole, I thought, ah what a welcome relief. 
Sadly, my former life, where I was organized and orderly has gone out the window and has been replaced with chaos and disorder. At least I know that when the dust settles and I find my way back to neat and tidy land, there will still be Martha (or rather her worker bees implementing her "ideas". Bet that Windex is just a prop, borrowed from the person actually in charge of cleaning Martha's kitchen) and a host of clever ways to stack your sticky notes and label your laundry room. 

images via Pinterest

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