February 9, 2012


Last weekend, while breezing through ABC home, an arrangement of these eye catching beaded animals had me stopping in my tracks. Not only were they insanely cute and came in about a million eye catching colors, they came with a really great story. The pieces are produced by a company called Monkeybiz, which is a South African based nonprofit. As said best on their website.
"Through creating sustainable employment, Monkeybiz focuses on women's economic empowerment and health development in the most economically under-resourced areas of South Africa. The project, which has established a vibrant community of more than 450 bead artists, many of whom are the sole breadwinners within their households, has transformed the beaded arts market in South Africa. Departing from the culture of mass-produced curio craft, each Monkeybiz artwork is unique and is signed by the artist, ensuring that individual artists receive recognition for their work."
With such a cute menagerie of animals to choose from, that all go to support a great cause, its hard to pick a favorite. I say go all Noah's Ark and scoop them all up two by two. Or maybe a giant antelope will suffice. 

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