February 16, 2012

Rebel Redux

 While google-ing "grey carpet" yesterday, I instead found this oldie but goodie from Domino way back in March 2006. The apartment is the former pad of Stark creative director, Ashley Stark (you might of seen her new place in Elle Decor a few months back). This apartment was design serendipity, as it features many similar pieces I was planning to use in my new place and is even sort of in the same color scheme. White lacquer desk, lucite coffee table, Murano lamps, black and white fashion photography...all sitting in storage waiting to be used! I don't know if this design is particularly "rebellious", but way back in prehistorical 2006 it must have been. Today it seems positively tame and yet lovely. Very chic yet livable...just the look I had in mind.

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