April 16, 2012

Bright Lights

The aforementioned long narrow hallway is going to look great with its Cole & Son wallpaper and gallery wall but lest not forget the top half of the equation. What's the point of trying to spruce up a space if your only going at it from eye level? Some of the most important decisions hang above your head. Lighting is obviously very important for two reasons. Well, duh it keeps the space from being a dark black hole and it adds a little "ambiance" if you will.
The hallway currently has to squat square flush mounts, that while well made, are better suited for a bathroom or lets say a mudroom in Millbrook. 

See what I mean? City chic they are not.

 So the solution is to add a pair of small chandelier or pendants to light up the space (pun intended). 
The first batch of lighting is all under $300 bucks and considering I need two fixtures, this is a safe and cost effective way to go. My idea is to pick a piece that creates shadows and reflections to further enhance the long narrow hallway.
Ikea $49
 The Ikea option comes in two sizes and is a perennial favorite. Somewhat frustrating to install it is clearly a "you get what you pay for" option that could pay off well.
West Elm $299
This rope-y number from West Elm is cool because once its hung you just really see the texture and it doesn't scream "nautical" (at least that's what I'm telling myself). Two of these with lacquer coral shades from illume are strong contenders.  
The same goes for this Ballard coral find. The chandelier itself would look great lacquered coral or adding some ribbon trimmed shades. 
Ballard Designs $299
The idea of bell jar lanterns could also be the winner. We always had tons of these in our house (albeit antiques) and I love the reflections the etched stars make. 
Shades of Light $299
 And then of course there is the just out of reach option. This chandelier is no longer made by Restoration Hardware (although you can still get the sconces). I had both the single and double arm sconces in my room and they look so much nicer than the price would suggest. If I could find a pair of these on ebay (so far only one has turned up) I would be over the moon. Adding some black shades with silvered insides would be the perfect finish. 
Restoration Hardware $TBD

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