May 8, 2012

Betsy Explains it All...Met Ball

Aside from the fact there were a million and one tee-vee actresses trying to glam it up in safe sparkly numbers, there were a handful of standouts on this year's red carpet.
Jessica Biel (Prada) and Justin Timberlake
I love Jess Biel's Prada, because it is so...Prada. From the cut and color to the all over embellishments it is perfect for a night celebrating Prada (and Justin's not bad too).

The grand doyenne, Anna Wintour's lobster embellished frock is totally on point. Its Prada's nod to Schiaparelli, who designed a crustacean clad look for the Dutchess of Windsor in 1937.
Anna Wintour, Prada

Bee Schaffer, Erdem
Anna's daughter Bee, looks lovely as always in Erdem.
Carey Mulligan, Prada
Carey Mulligan was co-chair of the evening, but it might have been better to split the difference with the paillettes and keep it only on top or on the bottom.
Chloe Sevigney, Prada
Chloe's dress is a great reminder of how Prada's designs can push the envelope and her dress has a Paco Rabanne 1960's influence to it.

Karolina Kurkova, Rachel Zoe Collection
Karolina's look is a little too severe and the turban baffles me but this is a major fashion moment so why not go big or go home ( or just leave your turban at home).

Lana Del Ray
Both Lana and Bianca both opted for unexpected trend...
Bianca Brandolini D'Adda
until you see Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman in classic Schiaparelli, which reminds us where it all started.
Linda Fargo, Schiaparelli
Mary Kate looks very Dark Shadows in a good way. 
Mary Kate Olsen, The Row
Kate always rocks it at the Met Ball with a head to toe winning look (she always nails it with her hair).
Kate Bosworth, Prada
LOVE Diane Krugers feathers and although I usually hate this shade of purple it is bold and works on the red carpet. Diane's dress also proved you can be comfortable (and able to walk) in feathers!
Diane Kruger, Prada
Gwyneth (props to Tracey Anderson) Paltrow also rocked a dress that I consider to be a classic Prada silhouette. The pale hue and side embellishments were similar (although different) to Jess Biel's Prada too. 
Gwyneth Paltrow, Prada
Rachel Zoe's fringe-y column is pretty and unexpected, but a little more tailoring would prevent it from drowning her triple zero frame.
Rachel Zoe, Rachel Zoe Collection

Eva Mendes, Prada
Both Eva and Mila rocked embellished Prada looks, which fit the evening and still reflected their personal style.
Mila Jovovich, Prada
Love Emma Stone's Lanvin look, it has a very Miu Miu shape to it. Her hair, not so much it looks like a bad prom do' piled on her head like that.
Emma Stone, Lanvin
Tory Burch looks "lobster-ish" a la Anna Wintour but her dress certainly makes a louder statement with its bold print and color. (PS who knew Tory "does" evening wear?)
Tory Burch in Tory Burch
Coco Rocha wore a Givenchy get up that once belong to Elizabeth Taylor.
Coco Rocha, vintage Givenchy
Eek, So scary Elizabeth Banks! Your face looks equally petrified. 
Elizabeth Banks
What do you think? Who nails it in your book?

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