May 5, 2012

Nautical Nonsense

How great is Chloë Sevingy's East Village apartment, most recently captured by NY Magazine

Originally from Darien, she wanted it to have the look and feel of a classic New England home right in the middle of downtown New York. In the end Chloë has a home that looks straight out of Nantucket ship captain's home.

or as design collaborator David Cafiero puts it “Everything feels like a perfect little sailboat or a really considered Hudson Valley river house from the nineteenth century.”

Chloë's apartment has been published before (who could forget her hallway decked out in Kelly Weastler's Imperial Trellis), but this is the first time its true nautical sensibility comes through.

 The low ceilings and wide plank (presumably original) floors add to its cozy feeling and "womblike" feeling that Chloë wanted.
Terry Richardson

What do you think? A little to nautical for a big city apartment? Or just the right amount of seaside to take the edge off of city living? 

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