June 19, 2012

Pagoda in my pad

I recently snagged the above vintage pagoda cabinet for my living room as a "hold all" for all my odds and ends. My original plan was to have two shorter chest of drawers flanking the hallway to the bedroom which I could fill with all the stuff you don't want to see out. That idea went south when I saw how heavy it made that side of the room. So it was back to the drawing board.
So now this wall (which faces the windows) is going to be graced with said pagoda piece and I'm excited! See the sad boring wall before I moved in below...
I have since hung my sconces and two faux tortoise chairs sit under them extra seating. 

Pagoda cabinets seem to be all over the place. The other day while walking in the west village I spotted one in a store window, painted matte black. Hmm...so many ways it could go...

My piece is off white trimmed with green and the inside is lined in green linen. Since the top of the doors have clear glass I might need to cover it up and contain the clutter inside. I think I might silver paper the inside of the glass or use some China Seas, Java Java fabric to make panels.

Mirroring could be nice too, except given its placement I would always be staring at what is essentially a full length mirror. So many ways this could go?!? I'll just have to wait and see.

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