September 28, 2012

Higher Ground

Tall black boots are a wardrobe staple. With fall upon us, the tendency is to go for lots of layers. Some killer boots can give even the coziest, comfy-est look a little sex appeal, so kick your Uggs to the curb.

 During the day, think looks with blazers, sweaters and jeans with a rock vibe a la Kate Moss and Emmanuelle Alt.

Leopard too much for you? How about pairing a classic trench with your boots. How great are Lauren Santo Domingo's custom boots? Sky high black leather held up with garter belts.

 Skirts (with or without tights) plus boots is straight out of the swinging sixties, when fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot popularized thigh high styles (without looking like a go go girl).

 Jane Fonda proves if you have great legs, show them off or better yet highlight them with short hemlines and killer boots. Her look reminds me of Kate Moss's glam yet bohemian style of today .

 And how can you forget Anne Hathaway's transformation in The Devil Wears Prada from schlumpy to sexy with a new haircut and some fabulous Chanel boots.

 And since life imitates art, or vice versa, Anna Wintour proves leather boots are anything but trendy, she's been sporting mostly Manolo styles for years. 

Whether you prefer uptown pairings, like Anna's, or the downtown chic looks of Kate Moss, no doubt you'll be hooked on boots this fall!

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