November 20, 2012

Let there be light

November seems to be flying by with Thanksgiving around the corner. Between the loosing power for a week and the clocks going back an hour, all of a sudden its so dark. 
Lots of overhead lighting is a necessary evil, as it tends to be less than flattering but effective when it comes to lighting up your home. While you can fill your living room with lamps and sconces or a pretty chandelier, you don't really want to cook in a space lit by just sconces or lots of lamps, same goes for primping in the bathroom. 

When I moved in my apartment had flush mount lighting in both the kitchen and bathroom that were nice but rather sterile. I have always loved the tole ceiling lights from Charles Edwards wanted a similar look in my apartment, yet the price was a little off putting. 

 Tory Burch has a green and silver Charles Edwards pendant in her glossy green kitchen.

 The Charles Edwards website has lots of options in many different color ways and if I ever took the plunge, I have my heart set on the 'Silk Tole Shade' in navy. 

Most of these looks feature the pendant front and center above a kitchen island or dining table but they also look great anchoring a room, lined up in a long hallway or in a really chic dressing room.
Gil Schafer
House Beautiful
Luckily I was able to work the look into both my bathroom and the kitchen by reusing shades I had made for an old pair of lamps. The shades I have are 20 inch white drum shades painted sky blue inside.

The bathroom above and the kitchen below.

I took them to my lighting guys and had them make two shade pendants. For the bathroom, I wanted to make sure it would be bright enough, so it's wired for higher wattage. Both pieces are finished off with glass ball finials. 

So far so good as the light is super crisp. Its a great way to repurpose what you have to get what you want for a small amount of money. Bring on 4:30 in the afternoon sunsets!

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