November 9, 2012

Million Dollar Decorator

Do you watch Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo? Some think it is over the top but I can't get enough of the cast of characters and its great that they each have distinctly different design aesthetics. I especially love Kathryn Ireland's comfortable, layered style (that never looks granny) and her fabrics. My favorites being from the 'Summers in France' collection. Kathryn was recently featured on Refinery29 at home in Santa Monica. Check it out and check out Million Dollar Decorators Tuesday at 9pm.

Kathryn's first client was her friend Steve Martin who came over for dinner and liked what he saw!

Love her colorful pistachio colored Aga. Sure beats a wall of stainless steel. 

Apparently, Lindsey Lohan saw Kathryn's bedroom and asked her to design a very similar bedroom in her home. I would too... considering how cozy it looks!

What do you think? Would you pack your bags and move right in?

all photos via Refinery29

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