November 21, 2012

Rounding things out

Elle Decor
With the holidays right around the corner I need to finish off my apartment with a proper table for a bunch of people to sit and eat at. 

Mary McDonald
  I'm leaning towards is a round table, either skirted or not. My mom has a round tilt top table that has been passed down through her family that would make sense to use. 
Domino Magazine
 The problem is apartment is just big enough that this should work fine, but just small enough that, the table is probably going to have to sit front and center. While I thought dinner guests wouldn't really mind balancing a plate on their lap or on a smaller table, everyone from my parents to my most casual of friends ask "when are you finally getting a table?" I guess I should solve my problem before somebody spills red wine or if I plan on having Christmas (or at least part of it) at my apartment this year.
Schuyler Samperton

The easiest solution is to place the table in front of the sofa, in lieu of a cocktail table. I didn't even realize that was a "thing" until I started stalking images of round tables smack in the middle of a living room. I guess this makes it more of a tea table? Maybe too frou-frou. 

Reese Witherspoon in Elle Decor

Deborah Needleman,
 Another option is placing it on one side of the sofa like an end table.  I do like the way books fill the space and I don't have a bookcase in the living room, but I sure do have books, so stacking them high seems appealing!

Blair Voltz Clarke, Lonny mag

Diana Bergeron 

Ivanka Trump, House & Garden
If all else fails I can stick it in a corner, skirt it in something graphic, and make it into a chic bar. That would certainly round things out nicely. 

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