November 26, 2012

Bring on Burgundy

Happy holidays! Is it really time to say that yet?
With the holidays around the corner, my mind is a sea of green and red. I like the classic Christmas color combo of red and green but color wise, red on its own has never been my favorite.
While I love coral and salmon and poppy, colors like cranberry and burgundy make me think of dried blood. Lately with navy and charcoal grey as constants in my winter wardrobe, burgundy seems like a nice compliment that is festive too (while not quite in a reindeer sweater kind of way).

Who What Wear

Atlantic Pacific

Growing up, my mom always tried to dress me in crushed velvet burgundy ensembles that I thought were the worst thing ever. As in headband/hair bow, christmas-y smocked dress and one year an ankle length crushed velvet bordering on ball skirt with a blouse embroidered with cranberries. YUCK. But I guess I was spared, as my brother (circa age three) worn some sort of burgundy velvet "short pants"...which is totally worse...and unfortunetly there are lots of photos of this somewhere.


 Now if I can stick to burgundy in the form of J. Brand corduroy jeans or some Gucci circa Tom Ford, I could probably avoid looking like a giant bruise. 

Vogue Russia

 While I don't think I'll be painting the town red anytime soon and go on a burgundy buying spree, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have these Manolos in my closet or on my feet. They will certainly coordinate with my holiday decor I am currently filling my apartment with! Happy Holidays!

all other photos via pinterest

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