April 30, 2012

Gingham Trois

I am still on a gingham kick and I think its the fact its such a "spring-y" fabric without being
 floral-y or fussy. It is a preppy fabric and can be a little like wearing a picnic table cloth so tread with caution and keep it to one element per outfit or in a room. 

While I have still not worn my gingham Miu Miu's I did pick up this raspberry number from American Apparel.

Atlantic Pacific

Canadian House & Home

Jonathan Adler

Brigitte Bardot

Topshop 2009

Herve Pierre

NY Times

Grace Kelly

Isaac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne 2009

The Neo-Tradionalist
What do you think of gingham love to hate? or can't get enough?

April 28, 2012

Book to Buy: The Great American House

Gil Schafer is one of my favorite architects and I have told him this myself. After suggesting to Gil he come do some work on my apartment (way to small beans of a project and he ever so politely declined) I now have a chance to look at his work a little more often because Gil has a book coming out!
If and when I ever move out of New York, I hope I could live in a house half as nice as the one he re-designed in Nashville (as seen in Veranda). It is the perfect house in my opinion and even more perfect is the fact its called "Boxwood". 

Bedroom I

This side of the bedroom is about to get decked out...

with some white paint and a little something like this...

If you like the look...here's the look for less...

April 27, 2012

Gimme Shelter II

Jill Greenberg
It's been a month of whining, whimpering and all out frustration that had my head in foils to hide what I was convinced were premature grays (just kidding...kinda). Moving is HARD and I had no idea what I had gotten myself into and trying to do it almost all on my own. Eeek to the max. I was set to move on the 1st but only TODAY got the green light from the building. So now its gimme shelter no more cause I've got it! Sneaky peaky below...
photo by moi
Bye bye moving boxes and the years of STUFF and CRAP I have accumulated in storage. I only hope that my seemingly mismatched items will all fall into place together just like Nicole Hanley Mellon's Pierre Hotel Perch. While Nicole pulls shades of yellow throughout the space to bring it together, I will be trying the same with a thread of green through the space.

Kitchen Project

Finishing touches for the kitchen will include...

Two of these grey and gold hanging pendants over the island (replacing the classic glass pendants)... 
photo by moi
Already purchased are two vintage lucite stools. We need a third and this one from Plexi-Craft is a dead ringer. Then all the cushions (which swivel) will be upholstered in a Schumacher faux shagreen.

photo by moi

Top cap it off, lots of glass and stainless steel containers make it easy to see everything in the cabinets.

April 26, 2012

Kitchen Aid

My latest design project has me working on a space with a very modern kitchen open to a traditionally decked out living/dining room. 
photo by moi
Said sleek kitchen has a glass front fridge, giant range and not a whole lot of color or "homey-ness". The kitch' transitions to a space that is literally bursting with shades of coral, red, blue with hints of brass, chrome and gold, so it needs to have as much personality as the rest of the home, so cue some well placed kitchen accessories that don't scream clutter or kitsch. 

 Ceramic egg crate

Ceramic fruit basket, perfect for berries, lemons or peaches

Owl cookie jar...hoot, hoot

Soap in a snazzy pump, refill it with boring old (inexpensive) soap when you run out

This book makes you want to eat your vegetables

Floral oven mitts, pretty and help prevent burnt fingers

The classic kitchen mixer looks great in every color

April 19, 2012

Just Hangin'

Paul Costello
 Problem solved and hallway lighting found courtesy of Elizabeth Bauer on Greenwich St. One vintage greek key bell jar is now all ready to hang above my front door. I love the way the light reflects on the ceiling and I'm so glad I stumbled upon the perfect piece right in my backyard.