June 27, 2012

landscape perfection

Recently, I stumbled upon the Nashville based landscape design firm of Page | Duke .Total perfection.

June 19, 2012

Pagoda in my pad

I recently snagged the above vintage pagoda cabinet for my living room as a "hold all" for all my odds and ends.

Pagoda cabinets seem to be all over the place. The other day while walking in the west village I spotted one in a store window, painted matte black. Hmm...so many ways it could go...

June 17, 2012

Outfit Inspiration

Over the weekend I spotted this dress while shopping at Barneys.

Makes for a nice "urban nautical" inspired outfit...

 Hello summer!

June 15, 2012

Double Take

I have always loved this shot of Catherine Deneuve from 1966's November Vogue. The tunic is super chic and I thought it looked familiar and then I realized it was almost identical to this tunic I spotted on 1stdibs a few years ago. What a difference to see it in color with the turquoise beading. The tunic was made by I. Magnin and I don't really have the faintest idea where this would fit into my wardrobe, as it's meant for a high fashion "lady of leisure" who can lounge in style (ala Talitha Getty).

Coincidentally, these Ankasa pillows (now on One Kings Lane) have the same kind of vibe. Not necessarily more "practical" but just as glam and you don't have to be a lady of leisure to enjoy!


all photos via Pinterest

June 10, 2012

Electric Kool-Aid

Penelope Tree

Tory Burch, InStyle

June 8, 2012

Coffee Black and Egg White

Sometimes its best to keep it simple.
Ashley Olsen

Elin Kling

Alexa Chung


June 5, 2012

Design under the influence

Sometimes a room can influence an outfit or vice versa.  

Stockholm Style

Peter Dunham

Mary McDonald

Sometimes its serendipity and the same mix of colors and patterns can work just as well in a room as on a person.

June 4, 2012

Catching Up

 I ordered this Sabre flatware on One Kings Lane a while back and highly recommend it.
 I really want to find a spot to use this splatter wallpaper in my apartment...might be too "loud" for the hallway but that might be a good thing. Alternatively if I had a blank wall in my bathroom it would go in there...A-SAP.

  While browsing 1stdibs...I came across this console table which is painted in a chevron pattern and the hot pink floral print. Both ideas worth exploring down the road.

Since this post should have been called "I like pattern en masse" I ordered some of these David Hicks equse candle covers for some sconces I am about to install. 

Windsor Smith