July 26, 2012

Short(s) Thing

For a long time I just didn't like shorts as a "garment". Like the whole genre of shorts. They made me think or camp or gym shorts or those hideous (yet probably still popular) skorts, only suitable during the day, preferably for outdoor activities. It just seemed like if you wanted to dress up, a dress or a skirt was the way to go. My thoughts were obviously very limited and so wrong.
Dressing up in the summer is quite different from picking some glacial winter holiday frock in. Its hot and you don't want to look like a hot mess in some wrinkle prone dress. (Take note said friend who wore a long sleeve silk top during last weeks heat wave. I know you'll see this!)
It's a safe bet that temperatures aren't dropping anytime soon and while its not rocket science, neutrals plus shorts at night are an easy choice, now that stores sell shorts that are not A. athletic mesh shorts or cutoff denim somethings. Dress up your basic black or white shorts at night with a feminine although not necessarily frilly top. Navy, cobalt and cerulean blues also work nicely and are still neutral. Or as I like to try and pull off, black/ dark grey shorts with a navy top.

Elle Fanning in Chanel
For those who love to wear color, it might not be as easy as it looks to stay neutral because oh you just love yellow but the only way to look sophisticated is to show restraint. While its easy to grab and LBD or LWD or something floral-y, chances are if you are chic in a neutral shorts outfit you won't look like the missing Kardashian sister. Than means slightly longer hemlines and/or a higher waistline.
Olivia Palermo

Sofia Coppola 
 Also, try mixing up textures. Crocheted shorts with a sheer silk tee or pleated shorts a la Elle Fanning and Sofia Coppola with a ruffle trimmed linen top. Tonal stripes and patterns work too if its not to busy.

Rachel Bilson

Blake Lively, Vogue
Here's a look that sums it up. To keep it up as you transition for fall, go for loafers (so on point for fall) instead of sandals and grab a leather jacket or a cropped blazer.

 Shorts, Topshop. Shirt, ALC. Clutch, Alexander McQueen. Belt, Lanvin. Shoes, Miu Miu.

On the weekends, pair shorts with an oversized sweater or cardigan in a contrasting hue. Its pulled together but not formal. Not like, oh I just happened to wear this floral sundress out for coffee and I curled my hair! (trying to hard). ICK. Or, oh these are not flannel pajamas, they are flannel cutoff shorts suitable for brunch. (sloppy bedhead). You get the idea, sophisticated= simple when it comes to shorts.

July 25, 2012

New merchandise

Here is a sampling of pieces available right now from Bea Hive. Email if you are interested. 
 1960's large tole pineapple chandelier
Midcentury gold starburst mirror

1950's Italian gold gilt rope chair
Set of 6 Saarinen executive chairs

1940's heavy brass shell lamps

Catch Up Progress?

Clearly its almost the end of July and just as soon as I was psyched for summer, I'm almost ready for fall...almost.
I must have the worst case of "writer's block". I couldn't think of anything to post on this little bitty blogging endeavor for almost a month. Yikes.
I have been left feeling a hot (yet stylish) mess a la Cher Horowitz.
The Coveteur
 Progress has been made on the homefront. The gallery wall is all in place and soon it will be time to paint. Because doing things backwards is so fun and stress free. Nixed the wallpaper for something so shocking, so bright! The color of choice is BM's Rose Quartz, which according to its description is an "optimistic" color that "will make you and your guests smile". So clearly I need cover everything and then some in it.

The left side of the gallery wall facing the front door
Other than that, living room curtains are up, furniture is almost in place and the pagoda cabinet of posts past will be delivered next week. I think at this rate by the fall things will be organized. Who knew it took so long to make things look so good? Pretty soon things will "fall into place"pun intended, of course. Back to work!

July 3, 2012

Stars and Stripes

Happy Independence Day!