February 12, 2013

Lovely Lee

If you haven't already...check out T magazine's feature on Lee Radziwill. Interviewed at her home in Paris by Nicky Haslam, there is also a short film by Sofia Coppola.

 Lee is famously known as one half of the Bouvier sisters. The other of course, was Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Often photographed in glamourous getups, she was friends with everyone from Andy Warhol to Truman Capote. Lee even toured with the Rolling Stones and is rumored to have romanced Mick Jagger. 

Lee and Truman Capote

Lee and Andy

She also graced the pages of Vogue for her great taste in fashion and decorating.


Lee by Andy Warhol
What I love about Lee, (besides the fact she is still super chic at 79) is that she proves you can still be a lady (well coiffed hair and all) and be the life of the (very wild) party. 
Lee says it best. "Why live, if life doesn't engage my curiosity."

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